Expanded Capabilities Realised For Advanced Pumps

Expanded Capabilities Realised For Advanced Pumps

  Mobile Headworks and Switchboard Skid.

APT was contracted to design & construct a large headworks skid to be installed at Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs mine site.  The package was supplied as part of a larger pipeline project undertaken and installed by PIHA Pty Ltd.


The package is designed as a semi-portable skid to be used for the HD1 dewatering borefield. Some key points about the system included:

  • DN200 (8”) ANSI 300 high pressure pipework, valves and instrumentation.
  • DN200 Borehead plate and rated lifting device.
  • 170kW Soft-start switchboard with telemetry communications and battery backup.
  • Portable skid structure with level adjustment for ease of on-site pipework connections.
  • FEA analysis carried out on all structural frames.
  • Certified pipework and structural welding according to RTIO / AS standards.
  • NDT carried out on all pipework welding, structural welding and lifting points.
  • ARC Flash calculations for 170kW switchboard.
  • All drawings and MDR documentation supplied according to RTIO specifications.
  • Designed, constructed and witnessed tested from our Bassendean facility.

The project was completed on time, with RTIO representatives attending the Factory Acceptance Testing in our Bassendean premises.


The successful delivery of this project demonstrates APT’s ability to design and construct large packages to suit any of the major mining company’s specifications.

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