Classic Series Floating Aerator

Classic_crown & geyser
Classic_crown & geyserClassic_medinaClassic_CRYSTAL GEYSER

Fountain aerators create aeration by beautifully spraying water into the air. The fountains spray absorbs oxygen which is released when the oxygen filled droplets strike the surface of the water, transferring more than 600g of oxygen per kilowatt per hour. This continuing cycle of oxygen circulation and induced wave action prevents thermal stratification and supports aerobic bacterial action, resulting in clearer, cleaner, odour-free water.



  • Available with 8 interchangeable nozzles
  • Underwater cable disconnection plugs
  • 0.37kW – 7.5kW single and three phase motors
  • Patented, high efficiency stainless steel propeller diffuser system
  • Maximum circulation and aeration
  • Stainless steel motor housings
  • Optional lighting kit
  • 3 year warranty

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