Ultimax Horizontal Aerators


Air injector systems draw in oxygen from above the water’s surface through an air-intake tube powered by a submerged electric motor. The oxygen enters the propeller chamber, where it is mixed rapidly by a specially designed propeller. The propeller breaks down the aspirated oxygen into fine bubbles while mixing them with water entering through the protected intake chamber. These bubbles are then thrust via the propeller into the water, providing horizontal circulation of oxygen.



  • Low profile motor mounted below waterline
  • Submerged oil-cooled motor for long life
  • Shrouded propeller for greater circulation
  • Adjustable attack angle for greatest efficiency
  • Up to 220m3/hour of air injection
  • 0.37kW to 4kW single and three phase motors
  • Stainless steel motor housings
  • 3 Year Warranty, 1HP & up

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